• Sustainable Development

    In its work Company is supporting sustainable development in its core through meeting the needs of balancing social, economic, and environmental objectives.
  • About Lazuli

    Lazuli ltd. offers safe and quality services in promotion of telecommunications initiatives, IT innovative solution, Project Development & Implementation and Consultancy services in the area of Human Security, Education, Gender, Disaster Risk Reduction, Ecology & Environment Protection.
  • As a Team

    As a team, company staff has many years of experience in the field of information systems design, promotion and sales of telecommunications services, capacity development and training, market research, visual identity creation, implementation of Internet and public awareness campaigns, development and implementation of EU, UN and other national and international projects.
  • Lazuli Vision

    Lazuli vision is to create and continuously develop a team of professionals who are capable to develop and implement projects using innovative solutions. The major aim is to join traditional values with the modern business market, respecting economic and democratic values, market requirements in the region, Europe and globally.Furthermore, Company is fully committed and supports projects related to ensuring sustainable development, environment protection, and humanitarian principles. In 2015 Lazuli was one of the partners together with UNDP and Croatian Red Cross in preparation and implementation of the awareness raising campaign on Early Recovery in Nepal after the extreme heavy earthquake hit the country and caused numerous deaths and injuries.
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  • Contact Center Solutions (CCS)
    Powerful, customizable platform with advanced feature settings Robust security features enabling proper system safety Easier scalability of planned & unplanned call volumes Reducing costs and improving customer interactions
  • Project Development, Implementation, Evaluation
    Preparation and implementation of EU projects Preparation and implementation of UN projects Development of Public Awareness Raising campaigns Preparation and development of projects related to development
  • Telecommunications and IT Solutions
    Network Solutions IT Security Increase in visibility of customer services Contact Center in becoming a strategic part of your company business.
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